Step 1

Read the manual carefully and completely before assembling the wedge


In this manual I assume that the original Wedge has already been disassembled, and therefore I have not included any images disassembling the original Wedge.Make sure that you have a smooth solid surface to work on,such as a folded towel to avoid getting any damage done to the paintwork of your mount .

Unlock your polar axis so you can work more easily.

Turn the M10 threaded rod into the “short” bearing poin.
Then turn the M10 threaded rod into the mount and handtighten. Screw the long bearing point on to it,also handtighten.
Note that you use the correct bearing point on the correct side of the mount.
It is easy to see that there is a recess in the mount . 
This has been taken into account when I manufactured the “short” bearing point