Step 4

Now place the base plate in line with the bolt holes of the side-plates and screw the M8 bolts into it, but not too tight.

Now tighten the screws one by one as shown in the picture below.


Do not try to get the M8 mounting screws in the middle of the blind holes of the base plate.

What you also not want to do is to  press the sideplates against the bearingpoints with too much force.

A casting, such as the housing of the NEQ6 Pro, has always a certain degree of inaccuracy and this has been taking into account when designing the Wedge.

The Wedge should now easily be able to (provided the M6 clamping bolts of the side-plates are not tightened ) move up and down.

If this is not the case, then release the M8 bolts again and tighten them again, while moving the Wedge up and down .

You will see that the Wedge is then set into the mount , but often this step is not necessary.

In no event should the bearing rings be lubricated

This will affect the operation of the  Wedge in a negative way