Step 7

Now place the plastic stopper in one of the  12mm holes in the base plate. (depending on what your longitude is)

When you achieve proper adjustment of the altitude and azimuth, tighten the M6 bolts from the sideplates again and there you go, you have a quick and easy alignment of your polar axis

Always take very good care NOT TO un-tighten the clamping bolts from the side-plates and the altitude adjustment arm at the same time.

Nothing is holding your mount in place right now and gravity will do its work.The plastic stopper acts as an emergency brake in this case, but it is better to keep this in mind

Normally you do not have to loosen the bolts from the altitude adjustment arm.Provided you don’t travel too far south,or to the north.

One of the best features of the Wedge is that after alignment, you can add weight to the mount and alignment will stay the same.

Also when you would like to polar align without your polar scope, thus by means of the supplied  Skywatcher Synscan® handcontroller,the Wedge is at it’s best.

It doesn’t matter wether you have your whole set-up installed or not, the Wedge will easily perform it’s neat litlle trick

The altitude adjustment arm can be moved roughly +/- 10 degrees, which is more than enough when you put your mount in the back of your car, travelling to a dark stargazing side.

In any event that you travel as far that you have to re-arrange the mount, it is best to reset the wedge to the proper altitude without all your gear already attached to it.

Have fun and clear skies,

the Vimech team