Terms & Conditions

1:The idea and the content of ​​the website www.eq6wedge.com is fully owned by Vimech. Anyone who wishes to use any of the content of the website will have to do this with the written consent of Vimech.

2:The principle of operation of the EQ6Wedge® is completely the intellectual property of Vimech.
It is therefore strictly prohibited to everyone to copy this principle of operation in combination with any type of EQ mount, without the express permission of Vimech.

3:The EQ6Wedge® has been designed ​​only for the NEQ6 Pro mount made ​​by Skywatcher®. Vimech takes no responsibility for accumulated damage when used with other types of mounts.

4:The warranty is valid for 12 months, provided that in no way self-adjustments to the EQ6Wedge® have been made​​.

5:In the event that self-adjustments are made to the EQ6wedge®, and it must be repaired by Vimech, then the shipping and repair costs will be the sole responsibility of the user.

6:All incidental charges such as import costs are the sole responsibility of the buyer.In no circumstances will these be charged to Vimech.

7:Any damages suffered through wrongfull way using the EQ6wedge®, in any way whatsoever, is the sole responsibility of the user.
Vimech can by no means be helt responsible for this.